Mother Productions – Bizarre Trading Cards

February 16, 2008

The World’s Most Bizarre Collector Card Sets 

Mother Productions was a company that produced a variety of unique and obscure trading card sets in the 1990’s.  From Perverted Priests to the Hollywood Dead’s Gravestones, the trading card sets conceived by Mother was sometimes controversial to say the least.

Above is an example of a generic promo card for Mother Productions.  The address is no longer valid, so don’t waste stamp.  I really like the doubleheaded horse skeleton for the logo, very strange.

Mother produced two lines of cards, classic and adult, with many sets within them.

Among the classic non-sports arena Mother produced many off-beat sets including;

Killer Cards Bizarre  Boobs
Faces of Death Betty Page – series 1
Human Freaks & Oddities series 1 Betty  Page – series 2
Human Freaks & Oddities series 2 Betty  Page – series 3
Human Freaks & Oddities series 3 Betty Page – series 4
Human Freaks & Oddities series 4 Coloreds Only
Beauty & Skin Art series 1 Mafia Family
Beauty & Skin Art series 2 Nazi Cards
Animal Freaks Assassins
French Postcard Art Hollywood Dead

FACES OF DEATH, Trading Card Set

Images of Death.  Corroding Corpses.  Rotting Flesh.  Bloody Beaten Bodies.  Ripening Rigor-Mortis.  (from the back of the box of the Faces of Death card set)  This is definately one of the more bizarre sets put out Mother Productions and believe it or not we actually had to fight for this set when we found it on eBay for sale.   The set is printed in black and white and has very little, if any, text on the back of the card describing the death scene on the back.  We will be bringing this set online for viewing soon, so check back.

Mother Productions also produced quite a few other sets in the Adult, or Porno, trading card genre.  These card sets were also a little on the obscure side, even for adult cards.  Sets such as Hot and Nasty Babes, Horny Housewives series I and II, Passion Fruit, women with fruit, and Lady and the Serpent, woment with snakes.

The photo above depicts Mother Productions Promo Card for the Horny Housewives card set, series II.

Most of the card sets, Adult and otherwise, were produced in limited edition and most even came with a numbered card identification the particular set.


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